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Offshore Shark Fishing

Shark fishing is big game hunting at its best, and salmon shark are a tackle-busting dream come true for the angler looking for a world-class trophy catch. The average size is 6 to 8 feet long, 200-400 pounds, with opportuinities to tackle a 10+ foot monster.

Salmon Sharks are directly related to both Great White Sharks and Mako Sharks, two of the most sought-after sport fishing species in the world. They yield delicious white meat and are considered an excellent table fare. A single fillet from one of these beasts can weigh over 80 pounds!

We're proud to book these world-class trips through Alaska Offshore Charters.

  Price per Person Occupancy Dates / Times More Information
Salmon Shark Trip $550 + 6% Tax 6 Minimum 5:45AM - 6PM Daily
  • All day offshore trip

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