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Alaska Salmon Fishing  

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Alaska Fly Fishing

Drift Alaska Charters offers fly fishing for rainbow trout, Dollie Varden, and sockeye salmon, which are all native to the Kenai River. We fish the Upper, Middle and Lower Kenai River, depending on where the fish are. The Kenai River hosts two types of Rainbow trout- transient and resident rainbow trout; we target the transient Rainbow trout which is the largest. They spawn below Kenai Lake (Upper Kenai) or Skilak Lake (Middle Kenai) in early May and then work their way down towards the mouth of the Kenai River in search of spawning salmon to eat.

Our trout season starts the first day of August on the Lower Kenai River after both King salmon runs have ended. We follow the Rainbow Trout and Dollie Varden up the Kenai River and by mid-October the majority of the rainbows are back below the lakes where they started. They spend the winter here and spawn again in the spring. It is not uncommon to catch 8-10 lb (18-22”) trout and some even exceed 20 lbs (over 30’).

No matter what kind of Alaska fishing you want to do, we've got you covered

  • Alaska King (Chinook) Salmon
  • Silver (Coho) Salmon
  • Red (Sockeye) Salmon
  • Pink (Humpback) Salmon
  • Dolly Varden
  • Trophy Rainbow Trout
  • Steelhead

Our friendly, safe staff is here to help you have a good time

  • Family friendly atmosphere
  • Beginners, experts, men, women, and children - everybody has fun
  • You will be outfitted with top of the line equipment
  • We use Abu Garcia Ambassadeur reels on G-Loomis rods
  • Take your catch home - we will help arrange shipping
  • We fish out of roomy 20-foot Willie drift boats and 20-foot powerboats
  • Boats are equipped with cushioned seats, heating and plenty of storage
  • Custom times available for full boats (4 people)

alaska fly fishing

We use a selection of different flesh flies but the majority of fishing is done with beads of all different colors and sizes which reflect what the trout would normally be feasting on at that very moment. It is crucial to stay on top of the spawning cycle of salmon as it can change daily. That’s why you put your trust in Drift Alaska Charters to keep you on top of the fish.

We supply our anglers with the best fishing gear and tackle. We fish trout using GLoomis GL3 7-weight fly rods with ROSS Evolution reels. The salmon are fished with GLoomis GL3 9-weight with ROSS Big Games reels. If you are not a fly rod fisherman we supply GLoomis ultra light spin rods with Shimano reels.

The Kenai River trout fishery is catch and release only but you can keep the memory of your fish with a photo. Your guide will pull the boat to the side of the river to measure the fish and help you take a picture of your trophy.

Dangerous Fish And Animals Found In The Sea


It may be dangerous to divers who lack knowledge of the behavior of sea animals and fish. Experts say that some may seem threatening yet they are not whereas the friendly ones are really aggressive when provoked. When aggravated, they become defensive and this is what makes humans get injured.

Poking lobsters or pulling heels from their holes can make them dangerous whereas when you do not provoke them, all will be well. As you learn to scubadive, it is also important to study the behavior of sea animals. The following fish and sea animals are classified as dangerous.


Scuba divers can get an injury from a jellyfish sting, however, this happens rarely because a jellyfish will not attack you while scuba diving.  Stings usually happen when a diver accidentally swims into the transparent tentacles of these animals. If you decide to dive in an unfamiliar location, consult the local divers for some orientation to learn more about jellyfish. You can prevent these stings by wearing a dive skin that makes it hard for the tentacles to puncture your skin.


There is a lot of misunderstanding associated with sharks. They always become dangerous when feeding them. Their predator level is very high however scuba divers are not their ordinary prey. What scares them off is the mask worn by the diver and the noisy bubbles produced. Most injuries to scuba divers are associated with feeding these animals especially when they feed them by hand. A shark can easily nibble a diver in the feeding process. Therefore sharks should only be fed under professional supervision.

Sea urchins

They are dangerous when touched therefore divers should always be careful. Diving without control or knowledge of your surrounding may bring you close to sea urchins and the moment you touch them, injuries occur. The spines are very sharp such that a wetsuit cannot withstand their penetration. The venom injected by sea urchins is painful and it is used for defense against any attack. 


A certain type of triggerfish is not harmful however others always defend their boundaries when attacked. Titan triggerfish is a good example associated with a high degree of aggressiveness. Their jaws are very powerful and have special teeth for biting intruders. Always ensure you avoid their nests while diving because they have a violent defense and chances of injury are very high. They measure approximately one foot in length and they have occasionally injured divers. As a diver, it is always essential to know how a triggerfish is identified for your safety. Always remember to avoid approaching their territories.


A lionfish is very dangerous to touch because of its painful sting. Their feather-like quills are very colorful hence making camouflaging easy when in the reef.  They become very difficult to identify when they camouflage hence dangerous to divers. Their spines release a neurotoxin that results in massive allergic reactions. Avoid areas with lionfish when diving and also learn how to hunt them safely.


Before you learn to scubadive, ensure you are aware of the discussed dangerous fish and sea animals. Some of them have painful and poisonous stings leading to massive allergic reactions which can result in death in extreme cases.


The Need for Solar Energy in Traditional Coastal Fishing Platforms


Traditional coastal fishing communities need to consider the use of green and renewable energy while fishing. According to https://getawaychief.com/backpacking-solar-charger/, The use of solar energy for boat propulsion and to power the fish-attracting lights will help reduce the use of fossil fuels and keep the environment clean. 

With Indonesia being of the largest archipelagos in the world, it has a high number of fishing communities. These communities normally use traditional fishing boats and other platforms that are made of bamboo. 

They use diesel-electric generators to power the fish-attracting lights and to lift the fishing net. This source of energy is neither clean nor environmentally friendly. 

The invention of solar-powered vessels

The need to have a source of energy that is clean and sustainable led to the invention of solar-powered vessels. This invention will change the fishing game.

Vessels that are fitted with photovoltaic solar cells were invented to replace the traditional platforms. These vessels are powered by sustainable and clean energy and, therefore, friendly to the environment. 

These vessels are made of an asymmetrical catamaran that is equipped with solar panels. The new vessels can be used for fishing during the day, as opposed to the traditional platforms that were used at night. 

Benefits of modern solar-powered vessels

These modern vessels have many advantages over traditional fishing platforms. They are powered by solar energy, which is clean and sustainable. This is a big step towards reducing environmental pollution that was associated with traditional platforms. 

Additionally, the vessels are made of polythene material that can be recycled. Therefore, this will reduce pollution because the vessels will not be abandoned in their locations when they are no longer useful. The traditional platforms are usually abandoned in their locations when they are no longer useful. 

With solar charging on the go, these vessels can be used during the day and at night. The charged solar panels will power the lights that are used to attract fish. Therefore, the new vessels will transform the fishing game in Indonesia. 

These vessels will experience less resistance as a result of wave resistance from the hulls. Therefore, it will be easier to lift and lower the fishing nets between the two hulls. This will be advantageous to the fishing communities as it will make fishing less laborious. 

Why the shift to solar energy?

Indonesia lies on the equator, and therefore it enjoys sunshine throughout the year. Therefore, the solar panels will tap energy from the sunshine throughout the year. 

The energy can be produced in large quantities depending on the size of the propulsion system and the power needed for net winch and lighting. Therefore, the energy source is reliable and sustainable. Therefore, the shift to solar energy for fishing is due to its availability and other numerous benefits associated with it.  

Final Thoughts 

Traditional fishing platforms need to be powered by solar energy due to the many benefits associated with it. Indonesia has many traditional fishing communities, and they can adopt new vessels that are powered by solar energy.

Alaskan Fishing Trip: Gears and Clothing to Bring


Fishing can be exciting especially if it’s your first time. And, if you want to go fishing in Alaska, the experience would be definitely nerve-racking.

Alaska is situated in the northwest part of Canada and because of that, the weather can be extremely unpredictable. A somewhat sunny morning can turn into a heavy rain in the afternoon. Indeed, temperatures in Alaska swing from time to time during the fishing season. Sometimes, the temperature can go down to 70 degrees during the early and late fishing seasons.

When fishing, what’s important is that all the essentials are packed and ready. All accessories and clothing can be purchased from thatshirt.com  and make sure to take it for all kinds of weather. Below are the important gears and clothing to bring before going for an Alaskan fishing trip.

Preparation of the Essentials is Important

There are unspoiled places in Alaska that is worth visiting for its combat fishing, therefore preparing the gears are important.

  • Rain Gear is totally required for fishing in Alaska. You can consider getting a high-quality 2-piece rain suit. Also, a hood is important for the rain gear. You may go for a cheaper rain suit but investing in a much better gear is recommended if you want to use it for a longer period of time.
  • Shirts, especially thick layers of t-shirts, long sleeves shirts, and flannel shirts, are important when fishing. Find a good quality of shirt to keep yourself warm. Capilene, wool, and polypro are a good combination of think layers.
  • Bring a couple of durable and flexible pants during your fishing trip. Get a piece of fleece pants that suits well with the waders. Also, remember to bring a pair of short for your hot tubs to warm you up.
  • Boots and shoes must be included on the list. When you go fishing, you can wear your shoes comfortably while trekking to the river or wear high-quality boots when you’re in a boat. Invest in water repellent shoes and boots for a much comfortable fishing experience.
  • Fishing gloves must hit two purposes. One that is lightweight and warm and the other must be functional.
  • Polarized sunglasses are helpful in removing the glare so you can clearly see the fish when you’re fishing in the river.
  • Make sure to bring water bottles to hydrate yourself.
  • Socks can help you warm your feet when it is becoming extremely cold. Synthetic-made or wool materials are a good quality of socks to keep your feet warm.
  • Make sure to bring a good pair of waders that is breathable. Minimum sensible wader height must be above your waist. However, it is much recommended to wear a chest height wader because it’s warmer.
  • Thick layers of jacket and vest help in keeping yourself warm during freezing weather. Good quality jackets and vest comes from polypropylene and wool.

Fishing in Alaska is considered an adventure and one of a kind. It is no wonder why requirements of gear and clothing are this important. So, before you decide to go fishing, make sure that all necessary essentials are prepared ahead of time when fishing in Alaska.

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