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Alaska Salmon Fishing  

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Alaska Fly Fishing

Drift Alaska Charters offers fly fishing for rainbow trout, Dollie Varden, and sockeye salmon, which are all native to the Kenai River. We fish the Upper, Middle and Lower Kenai River, depending on where the fish are. The Kenai River hosts two types of Rainbow trout- transient and resident rainbow trout; we target the transient Rainbow trout which is the largest. They spawn below Kenai Lake (Upper Kenai) or Skilak Lake (Middle Kenai) in early May and then work their way down towards the mouth of the Kenai River in search of spawning salmon to eat.

Our trout season starts the first day of August on the Lower Kenai River after both King salmon runs have ended. We follow the Rainbow Trout and Dollie Varden up the Kenai River and by mid-October the majority of the rainbows are back below the lakes where they started. They spend the winter here and spawn again in the spring. It is not uncommon to catch 8-10 lb (18-22”) trout and some even exceed 20 lbs (over 30’).

No matter what kind of Alaska fishing you want to do, we've got you covered

  • Alaska King (Chinook) Salmon
  • Silver (Coho) Salmon
  • Red (Sockeye) Salmon
  • Pink (Humpback) Salmon
  • Dolly Varden
  • Trophy Rainbow Trout
  • Steelhead

Our friendly, safe staff is here to help you have a good time

  • Family friendly atmosphere
  • Beginners, experts, men, women, and children - everybody has fun
  • You will be outfitted with top of the line equipment
  • We use Abu Garcia Ambassadeur reels on G-Loomis rods
  • Take your catch home - we will help arrange shipping
  • We fish out of roomy 20-foot Willie drift boats and 20-foot powerboats
  • Boats are equipped with cushioned seats, heating and plenty of storage
  • Custom times available for full boats (4 people)

alaska fly fishing

We use a selection of different flesh flies but the majority of fishing is done with beads of all different colors and sizes which reflect what the trout would normally be feasting on at that very moment. It is crucial to stay on top of the spawning cycle of salmon as it can change daily. That’s why you put your trust in Drift Alaska Charters to keep you on top of the fish.

We supply our anglers with the best fishing gear and tackle. We fish trout using GLoomis GL3 7-weight fly rods with ROSS Evolution reels. The salmon are fished with GLoomis GL3 9-weight with ROSS Big Games reels. If you are not a fly rod fisherman we supply GLoomis ultra light spin rods with Shimano reels.

The Kenai River trout fishery is catch and release only but you can keep the memory of your fish with a photo. Your guide will pull the boat to the side of the river to measure the fish and help you take a picture of your trophy.

How to Make Blowgun Darts for Fishing?


Fishing is one of the most common hobbies that most middle-aged people enjoy. It is fun and relaxing at the same time but standing by the ocean and looking out for fishes takes a lot of patience and the right equipment. Fishing rods are as common as what they are used for, but there are also different tools fishermen can use such as blowguns.

Blowguns are easy to use because it consists of only a long cylinder with good tungsten darts inside. However, the process of using a blowgun requires a lot of precision and deep breaths. When you are equipped with a blowgun, you will need a dart. You do not need to worry about purchasing endless amounts of darts for ammunition because you can create your own blowgun darts by following these simple and easy steps:

Get Your Materials

The materials that you are going to need can be found inside your home or can be bought at the local hardware store. The following are what you will need:

  • Nails / Needles (depending on how big your dart will be) – this will be your base.
  • Pointy tip – most darts will have round points and cylindrical heads for safety.
  • Flight – this will be what thrusts your dart into motion.


Now that you have your materials, you’re ready for the next step – the assembling. You need to create a flight first. The flight is very important to ensure your dart lands precisely where you want it to land. If your nail is about three inches and as thick as a cable wire, you will need a long and thin flight.

To make a flight, you need any type of paper, though the thickness of the paper will affect its efficiency, so you need to choose carefully. You can create a flight by taking a small piece of paper about 3x3”. Cut it into a semi-circle and roll it to create a small cone. This will be your flight.  The next part will be easy.


This is the crucial part of the dart as this will pierce the target. Most nails have dulled and round tips depending on how they will be used. For fishing, you will need something sharp to pierce the fish but not dangerous enough to destroy the meat. You can wrap a piece of clothing or thread if it is too sharp. The head of the nail should be round and flat and a tad larger than the hole on the cone.


This is the easiest step in making a dart. You will need an adhesive, preferably superglue or something stronger to ensure durability. Put some glue on the head of the nail and insert it to the flight starting with the tip so that it stops exactly at the head. Do a few test flights to make sure it’s in good shape.

Now, you have your darts and you’re ready to go fishing, but before you head out, always take in precautions to avoid any accidents while using the blowgun.


Why You Should Order Fish For Breakfast At Fast Food Restaurants


Eating fish for breakfast may seem foreign in the US, but fish is actually a breakfast staple in other countries in Asia and even in the parts of Europe. Fish as breakfast is popular because it provides numerous health benefits that are essential for starting your day. For this reason, you should visit this website to start ordering this healthy meal for breakfast. That’s because breakfast prices of fast food restaurants for fish meals are not only affordable, but they’re also healthy. Here are more of the reasons why you should order fish when you’re having breakfast at a fast food restaurant.

You Get A Dose Of Antioxidants

Most types of edible fish are great sources of antioxidants. Some of the beneficial antioxidants found in fish are Taurine, Selenium, and Astaxanthin. These detoxifying food properties help prevent damage to cells and protect the body’s organs from the effects of degeneration.

You Get To Consume Vitamin D

During winter, with the sun out and the cold that keeps you indoors, getting enough vitamin D can be difficult. Fish is a great source of vitamin D, an important vitamin that produces serotonin which maintains one’s mood and behavior. Fish is also abundant in fat-soluble vitamins like riboflavin, vitamin A, and vitamin B.

You Enjoy The Benefits of Omega-3s

Fish is widely known for its high Omega-3 fatty acids that help decrease the risk of heart diseases. Getting the right amount of Omega-3s can help reduce hypertension and ease health conditions such as ischemia, ventricular tachyarrhythmia, thrombosis, atherosclerosis, and chronic renal failure.

You Reduce Your Risk Of Cardiovascular Diseases

Fish is rich in lean protein. And according to studies, eating meals that are rich in lean protein for breakfast can decrease your risks of developing cardiovascular diseases. Compared to other proteins from other animals, fish meat is also much easier to digest.

You Can Boost Your Brain

Fish’s two fatty acids, DHA and EPA, are some of the components that the brain and nervous system need. Getting the right amount of these acids can help improve one’s concentration and brain capacity. They can also potentially increase children’s IQs.

Fish Choices To Order At Fast Food Restaurants

Fried Fish and Egg Sandwich

If you love to have a sandwich for breakfast, you can still have that while integrating fish. You can still stick to eggs for protein. However, instead of sausage or bacon, ask the restaurant to add fried fish. With this modified meal, you can still enjoy your old favorite while having a healthier morning meal.

Tuna Salad Wrap

Although it’s a common launch meal, a tuna salad wrap can also be a healthy breakfast. When at a fast food restaurant, make sure to choose a multigrain wrap.

Smoked Salmon And A Spread Of Cream Cheese On A Bagel

Nothing beats a bagel for breakfast. Since it’s a breakfast staple, bagels can easily be found in almost any fast food restaurant.

Since fish is not a breakfast staple in many places, it could be challenging to find fish-based breakfasts at fast food restaurants. The trick is to choose a fish-based meal and then modify it to make it as a breakfast meal. Or, you can also choose a breakfast meal and then request for fish to be added.

Turning Your Fishing Hobby into a Business

Fishing Hobby into a Business

A lot of people love fishing as their hobby. If you happened to be one of them, then you can turn that hobby into a moneymaking opportunity. You might think of it as absurd, but seeing the number of blogs and online websites that talk about fishing, then you might be convinced to start now. You might need to be a little techie to setup website but certahosting.co.uk will do initial setup for you on a request.

In case you’re wondering (and interested in that matter), then these are what you need to do to make it happen:

Offer Guide Services

If you have years of fishing experience, then you can act as a guide and provide your services to your local fishing spots. You can start by guiding your clients on trips via foot toward your favorite fishing areas (you can also use your client’s boat). Meanwhile, if you have your own boat, you can check the state licensing requirements and the liability insurance coverage before you can even start guiding your clients via boat.

Sell Fishing Supplies

If you prefer a more online approach, then you can opt to sell a variety of fishing supplies instead. With your own website and a reliable web hosting provider, you’ll be able to start your own online shop in no time.

You can also post your products on Etsy, Amazon, or eBay as an alternative. However, having your own website will give you full control over your products, how to market them, and more. Before you begin, it’s a good idea to check various e-commerce websites that sell various fishing supplies and obtain a few ideas from them, especially the products they have on sale and their prices.

Create a Fishing Blog

Creating your own fishing blog usually requires a bit more time before you can gain traction and earn a decent income. However, if you start posting high-quality fishing-related content on a regular basis, you’ll be able to gain a decent number of followers. Once the number starts increasing, you’ll then be able to earn a passive income from your blog. Or, you can also choose to promote fishing products as an affiliate on your blog and earn a commission for every successful blog.

Offer Fishing Lessons and Tutorials

This method can be done either offline or online. If you choose to go offline, you can provide coaching services in your local area and charge a few dollars for a few hours of teaching. If you have the funds, you can invest in fishing gears and tackles for your students to use.

You can then teach a variety of fishing topics including how to pick the right fishing equipment, knowing the type of bait for each type of fish, learning how to cast, and more. You can also teach them the process of making lures and preparing the fish they just caught.

Sell Fishing Photography

If you have a flair for photography and a high-quality camera, you can start taking pictures of your fishing adventures and catches then make a profit by selling them. There are a number of stock photos which let you sell your photos for a decent price. Shutterstock, Getty Images, and Dreamstime are just a few examples.

Alaskan Fishing Trip: Gears and Clothing to Bring


Fishing can be exciting especially if it’s your first time. And, if you want to go fishing in Alaska, the experience would be definitely nerve-racking.

Alaska is situated in the northwest part of Canada and because of that, the weather can be extremely unpredictable. A somewhat sunny morning can turn into a heavy rain in the afternoon. Indeed, temperatures in Alaska swing from time to time during the fishing season. Sometimes, the temperature can go down to 70 degrees during the early and late fishing seasons.

When fishing, what’s important is that all the essentials are packed and ready. All accessories and clothing can be purchased from thatshirt.com and make sure to take it for all kinds of weather. Below are the important gears and clothing to bring before going for an Alaskan fishing trip.

Preparation of the Essentials is Important

There are unspoiled places in Alaska that is worth visiting for its combat fishing, therefore preparing the gears are important.

  • Rain Gear is totally required for fishing in Alaska. You can consider getting a high-quality 2-piece rain suit. Also, a hood is important for the rain gear. You may go for a cheaper rain suit but investing in a much better gear is recommended if you want to use it for a longer period of time.
  • Shirts, especially thick layers of t-shirts, long sleeves shirts, and flannel shirts, are important when fishing. Find a good quality of shirt to keep yourself warm. Capilene, wool, and polypro are a good combination of think layers.
  • Bring a couple of durable and flexible pants during your fishing trip. Get a piece of fleece pants that suits well with the waders. Also, remember to bring a pair of short for your hot tubs to warm you up.
  • Boots and shoes must be included on the list. When you go fishing, you can wear your shoes comfortably while trekking to the river or wear high-quality boots when you’re in a boat. Invest in water repellent shoes and boots for a much comfortable fishing experience.
  • Fishing gloves must hit two purposes. One that is lightweight and warm and the other must be functional.
  • Polarized sunglasses are helpful in removing the glare so you can clearly see the fish when you’re fishing in the river.
  • Make sure to bring water bottles to hydrate yourself.
  • Socks can help you warm your feet when it is becoming extremely cold. Synthetic-made or wool materials are a good quality of socks to keep your feet warm.
  • Make sure to bring a good pair of waders that is breathable. Minimum sensible wader height must be above your waist. However, it is much recommended to wear a chest height wader because it’s warmer.
  • Thick layers of jacket and vest help in keeping yourself warm during freezing weather. Good quality jackets and vest comes from polypropylene and wool.

Fishing in Alaska is considered an adventure and one of a kind. It is no wonder why requirements of gear and clothing are this important. So, before you decide to go fishing, make sure that all necessary essentials are prepared ahead of time when fishing in Alaska.

How Can CBD Oil Help Ease Sports Fishing Bruises?


Just like with any other sports, fishing comes with multiple challenges and injuries. Sports fishermen are prone to bruise and wounds throughout their body, and this will likely affect their performance. Luckily, over the years, studies have discovered the healing powers of CBD oil when it comes to healing bruises and wounds. This is definitely a huge breakthrough for sports fishermen as they don’t have to lag behind anymore during the competitions. Here are some reasons to Buy CBD oil and how it can help to heal sports fishing bruises.

Physical Benefits

Sports fishermen are prone to inflammation due to the adverse climate and environment. Inflammation can make them less competitive and unable to perform effectively in the sports. CBD oil has been an effective treatment for inflammation as compared to the standard medicines. It can help your muscles relax, and unlike anti-inflammatory drugs, it does not come with side effects on the livers and kidneys.

Low doses of cannabinoid can alleviate pro-inflammatory compounds in the body, and this can be very beneficial. Thus, it is recommended for fishermen to use CBD oil to reduce body pain and inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are crucial for healing bruises, wounds and burns. Also, CBD oil has been found to have numerous benefits on the metabolic system in the body.

As an athlete, it is important to regulate your diet and remain fit. By taking CBD oil regularly, you will be suppressing your appetite and get rid of obesity. Alternatively, it is a safe way to increase appetite as it enhances the hunger regulating hormones without altering the insulin levels. This helps sports fishermen to fish in adverse environments without losing or gaining too much weight.

Another great benefit of CBD oil for sports fishermen is the reduction of nausea. It is common for anglers to suffer from sea sickness which can cause nausea and vomiting. Cannabis is known to have anti-emetic effects which are effective for reducing nausea than other medications.

Mental Benefits

Not only does CBD come with physical benefits, but it is also associated with mental benefits. It is known for maintaining a state of stability in the internal environment and alleviating the symptoms of depression and anxiety. These mental issues are common with sports fishermen who are in the competition.

When taking CBD oil, a competitor will have leveled hormones that will help him or her focus and perform more effectively. CBD oil can reduce cortisol’s secretion which is more likely to cause anxiety. This means that low cortisol levels will flow into the blood, and this will reduce anxiety.

CBD oil is without a doubt an effective treatment for bruises and wounds caused by the adverse fishing environments. The various components and properties of the cannabis plant give it the ability to heal bruises and wounds that would not be healed by standard medicines. In addition to all that, it has helped numerous sports fishermen treat inflammation, pain, nausea, anxiety, and even depression.

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